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Hello Everyone! I'm Belle
Welcome to Yarmouth Pier!
Did you know…
Our friend the Pier was built in 1876 by the Victorians and is about 200m long… that's as long as a race in the Olympics!
Hi Belle - and did you know that I've been shorter or longer each time I've been repaired…… that's because they had to put my new legs in different places!
Did you know…
In the 1980s some people wanted to demolish me as I was in such terrible condition… All my friends leapt to the rescue and sponsored my repairs…some of their names can still be seen on my planks… along with lots of other friends I have made over the years.
Did you know…
A ship called Prince Leopald crashed into me just after I was built and 45 metres of me had to be repaired!! Since then rather too many ships have done the same thing … now I just close one eye and brace myself!!
Did you know…
The Pier Master's office was built in 1927 as a ticket office and waiting rooms - it is now Gossips Café.
My favourite thing is…
“Thank you for showing us the Pier. My favourite part was when we found out where you got the wood from. I would like to come again and learn new facts”
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The name's Post…Lamp Post
I like to keep an eye on things from up here…
Did you know that my friend the Pier has over 50,000 visitors a year!
Hello there Lamp. You're right - I have lots of lovely visitors and in the old days people wore very different outfits - sometimes their long skirts would tickle my planks! You can see some of them on my old photos.
Did you know…
This time I have been rebuilt with wood recycled from work at Portsmouth Harbour!! This means that lots of trees can keep on growing and absorb carbon from the atmosphere to help us respond to climate change.
Did you know…
I have over 650 planks with names on! All of these have been sponsored by my friends to help pay for my repairs.
Did you know…
Sir Winston Churchill visited me on his way to deliver a speech in Newport (and he nearly lost his bowler hat it was so windy!)
My favourite thing is…
"One of my favourite things was walking along the Pier with my friends"
Ahoy there!
I'm Breezy!!
I like flying in different directions and looking all around me.
Did you know…
As the gull flies it's only 5km to Lymington on the mainland
(Well…a gull that is flying in a straight line not a wibbly wobbly wonky one!)
To the west you can see Hurst Castle on the spit of land which is the closest part of the mainland to the Isle of Wight… just over 1km away!
To the east at Bouldnor there is an amazing place with things from the stone age… over 8,000 years ago!! It's all underwater and in the seabed but is being carefully researched by clever divers from the Maritime Archaeology Trust. You can see loads of their cool stuff on YouTube!
From here I can see Yarmouth Castle which was ordered by Henry VIII and opened in 1547 - it has the oldest 'arrowhead' artillery bastion in England!
My favourite thing is…
“Thank you for such an amazing day. My favourite part was looking at the Pier and where the gribble has been living and eating the piles. I loved it.”
Hi I'm Roundie
The Roundhouse at the end of the pier
I've been here nearly as long as my friend the Pier although I've been fixed many times! You can see me in some of the old pictures
Over the years I have been a waiting room and a shelter but horrible people kept making me messy (and smelly!)..…but not any more! I have a great new look and you can even see underwater from here on a special camera… come and visit me and discover loads of interesting stuff!!
Over 2000 school children have taken part in construction and engineering activities all about me and my friend the Pier!
The Pier used to have a Pier Master. The first Pier Master was called John Long and he started work when the Pier opened in 1876.
The Pier cost over £800,000 to fix in 2018 - and only half of it needed repairing! It is surveyed regularly by an engineer to make sure it's ok and safe to visit.
My favourite thing is…
Thank you for the lovely day it was so fascinating. I loved walking along the pier and seeing all of the names. I would love to learn more about the pier.
Hello up there…
I'm Craggy and I'm down here underwater!
It's a great place to be as there is so much to see and lots of fishy friends to talk to… even the crabby ones are ok too!
A gribble is only a few millimetres long but they can cause lots of damage because they eat the wood that's in the water. Sometimes they get in through bolt holes and eat outwards from the middle!
We have counted over 100 different types of animals and plants living down here… there are probably lots more so we'll keep counting…
Lots of the water around me is very important for wildlife and protected by law… you might not see much from here but check out my underwater world here on YouTube
My favourite thing is…
“Thanks for taking us to the Pier, it was amazing! My favourite part was seeing how much sea life was already growing on the Pier”
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